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It's still currently in the buggy phase. But it's functional enough to try out. Any suggestions, comments criticisms are appreciated. Particularly if they're relevant to this soundboard, or soundboards in general.

I might not be doing anything for a while. I've been playing a lot of Magic the Gathering. Let me know any good cards or combos you guys know of.


2010-07-01 15:06:41 by chesster415

I've been the victim of international fraud. A blatant scam perpetrated on eBay. And I can't open a dispute because it's been over 45 days since I paid for the item. I paid for an item advertised as a "32GB mp3/mp4 player" on May 13th. It seemed like that was quite cheap for the size, but the seller had a very good rating so I bid. I figured it was low quality but not an outright scam. I got the item on the 23 of June, I'm used to slow mail service where I live, and as it seemed to be in working condition I gave positive feedback. It took a while to convert my files to .amv format, and at first it worked okay. But, as it filled up it started failing to load new files, then failing to load older files, then displaying a huge pile of trash data that wouldn't delete. I reformatted several times to fix this recurring problem. After a while of bugs and corrupted data, I got online today to see if there was an update for the player that would resolve any of these issues. I found out that there are a large amount of Mp3 players that have their control-chips hacked to display a much larger capacity. In my case I tested it to find the memory was only 2GB! I can't open a dispute on eBay or Paypal because of their 45 day limit. If you don't figure out what's wrong in a few days after you get your item you're shit out of luck, and the scammers know it.
Even if you do, PayPal and eBay require YOU to pay return shipping for the item and pay for tracking if you don't want to depend on the scammer to be honest about receiving the item. Which will likely run you more than you paid for the item in the first place. There is a giant international scam being perpetrated and eBay and PayPal let it go on, and assist by limiting and hampering their "Buyer Protection" (your time limit is only metioned in the fine print). Because it means more fees and commissions for them. They don't mind when scammers profit as long as they get their slice of the pie.

I turn 21 today.

2010-06-24 16:26:31 by chesster415

I'm finally twenty-one today. I'm going to go down to the casino to win a bunch of money now that I can get in. This is the first time I've been able to get in because they started serving drinks on all their floors right before I turned eighteen. Wish me luck!

EDIT 06/25/2010: Everyone who didn't wish me luck yesterday sucks! Because of you guys I lost my money in the slot machines.

Check it out here. I was determined to stick to the deadline this time. I waited just until the deadline to give everybody a chance to send stuff in last minute. (Nobody did.) If you missed the deadline, you can still send your part in and it can be added where it was supposed to go if you had made the deadline. (I still don't expect anybody to send anything in.) Thanks to everybody who participated, especially thanks to people who completed their parts on time. Go watch it now and enjoy.

I've got all of my icons updated.

2010-06-03 14:38:53 by chesster415

The 140x90 format looks like it will be a lot prettier and give more room to showcase features of your flash, but it was a pain in the butt making new icons for all of my games. Although I like that icon are going to be a requirement now.

Trying to get the Bad Pickup Lines Collab. to come back to life. There's a new thread and I'm going to try to animate another part if I have time.

Pico Day Game

2010-04-30 13:44:31 by chesster415

After a long period of not submitting anything I've got a new PicoDay Game out today. (My first submission of 2010) I worked on this with OOGIDIBA so you don't have to suffer though my artwork to play and it's a lot less rushed than last year's.

A quick preview of the gameplay.

/* */

I got a new laptop!!

2010-01-28 14:40:42 by chesster415

After a long period of having my laptop screen busted, I'm back with a new computer and new stuff. I've got a tutorial video for Red Remover with 14 levels done under par now. A beta version of You Can't Draw for S*** (If anyone knows how to have BitmapData.draw() work with files loaded outside the domain let me know please)
EDIT: Never mind. Trying to get a work around going. And a new news post. Enjoy!
EDIT 01/03/10: Work around is going kinda. Only works if a cross domain policy file is in the root of the target domain. Or if the file is run locally/ Sorry, I'll try some more.
EDIT 06/04/10: O.K. Similar situation, but better. Game kinda works now, you still need a cross domain policy file (or run the file locally, not recommended). You can make your own one image galleries, use photobucket or something else that allows hotlinking. Leave comments with your gallery. I'll work on fixing the glitch where it won't load multiple image galleries.

EDIT later 06/04/10: I'll also try to make code pastable into blogs, news post ect. without getting garbled. Don't leave comments with your gallery, until that's fixed.

EDIT 10/04/10: Multiple image glitch fixed. working on ungarbling.

EDIT 13/04/10:O.K. working a little better, a couple initialization problems and progress indicator bugs.
This has been a gigantic pain in the ass. Apparently some of the Unicode characters are replaced
with %uxxxx when posting. I'll work on that.

/* */

Even though I can't see the screen I've been able to play some more Red Remover and I even improved my highscore, check it out.

/* */
Well not really, I did this before the monitor broke but I couldn't upload it, until today. I've actually managed to get tricky under par but I don't have a video and I don't think it really counts because I think the game glitched out on me. The reds were taken out and it was precariously balanced-ish then it started counting down, as thing were wobbling around. Then a green block started falling, things were flying through the air and then it said Congratulations. I'll try to get a video after I get a monitor I can see. And if you were expecting me to do something, I might be able to get my files uploaded onto the internet, I might only be partially complete though.